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How to Wash Your Face With Our Oil Cleanser

Cleansing your face can sometimes seem more utilitarian than luxurious. It’s often seen as the necessary step you get out of the way before beginning your routine. But this doesn't have to be true! Cleansing your face is a deeply beneficial and enjoyable experience when done correctly.

Our best-selling Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover is an ideal cleanser for all skin types because it gently removes dirt, make up and pollution without disrupting your skin’s natural balance.

The secret of oil cleansing is massaging it into your skin so it works itself into pores to loosen sebum build-up and surface debris from internal and external pollution. When the cleanser is removed, all these unwanted dirt and oil particles come away with it; this is why it's important to have a great face cloth!

We recommend cleansing as part of your nighttime routine, but some skin types (oily + congested) will benefit from cleansing in the morning as well.

1. Combine 2-4 pumps of cleanser with a bit of water and warm between your palms.

2. Apply cleanser evenly all over face + neck. Massage into the skin, following the steps of our Natural Facelift Ritual if you have time. Gently massage cleanser onto eyes and lips if you’re wearing makeup.

3. Dampen your face cloth with warm water. Use the rougher side to remove makeup from face, neck, eyes + lips.

4. Rinse cloth with medium-hot water.
*At this point, if you are wearing a full face of make-up, we recommend double-cleansing by massaging another application of cleanser into your skin to ensure you remove all residue.

5. Steam your face by gently pressing the smooth side of the warm cloth onto your entire face. Take two deep breaths and wipe the cloth over entire face + neck to remove all excess cleanser.

6. Rise your cloth and hang to dry (don’t throw it in your laundry hamper wet!)
To clean, machine wash warm and dry low.

Follow with your favourite Province Apothecary products!
We recommend always spritzing with our Invigorating + Balancing Toner after cleansing to help restore your skin’s micro-biome, and then apply your serums and moisturizers.

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