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Stuffed Dates Three Ways 

Stuffed dates three ways: PB+J, tahini almond and sweet and salty


Have fun and experiment with your favourite flavours.

Here are my top combos:

Tahini Almond

Medjool Dates




Sliced almonds


PB + J

Medjool dates

Peanut Butter

Freeze dried Strawberries

Flakey sea salt

Sweet + Salty

Medjool Dates

Feta cheese


Nigella seeds


Try your best to find ripe, juicy dates to use. I prefer organic medjool dates but use whatever you have available! Make sure to remove the pit and keep the date in one piece before you begin stuffing them with all of your favourite toppings. Put the nut butter on the bottom and top with your crunchier fillings. Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for 1-2 days. Enjoy as an easy midday snack!

- Fran Allen, Holistic Nutritionist and Skin Therapist at PA @hello.fran.allen

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