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Happy International Women's Day from Julie + Natalie

This International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to celebrate and uplift all the incredible women in our lives. We are pleased to share a Q&A with Province Apothecary’s owners and Co-CEOs - Julie Clark and Natalie Sischy.

As female partners of Province Apothecary, how do you support each other, and do you have any advice for how women can uplift each other?
Natalie: Julie and I constantly learn from each other. When we joined forces, we had very different backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets. My background is in business management—operations, sales, and finance, and I had minimal knowledge of herbalism. I’ve loved learning from Julie about the amazing power of the ingredients we use in our products and the incredible benefits they have for our skin. Complementing and learning from each other's respective skill sets is a way we uplift one another and, as a result, support the business.

We support and trust each other. We have different strengths that allow our partnership to be so successful and have helped build PA to what it is today. I think it's important to recognize the strengths of your business partner, colleagues, employees and give them space to succeed, try new things, run with their ideas, and make mistakes. We are all learning together and supporting each other along the way.

What advice would you give to your younger selves?
Natalie: Take more risks and be gentle with yourself.
Julie: You have no idea what will happen, so enjoy the moment, live in the present and celebrate the small (and big) wins!

On International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send to young women thinking about their careers?
Natalie: You can do it! Follow your passion and believe in yourself. With hard work, you can be a leader, owner, or innovator.
Julie: 100% you can do it! Stay focused on your goal. If you want to start a company, don’t wait until everything is perfect to launch it. Get it out there.

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