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Pregnancy Safe Skincare and Self Care Rituals

Pregnancy is a time to witness your body shifting and needs changing; it’s magical and mind bending all at once! During this time where your body is doing more than ever, it’s important to look at your skincare and self-care routines. While both of these practices are so important during pregnancy, it’s important to make adjustments for the safety of your growing babe and yourself.

Pregnancy Safe Self Care

Here are a few of my favourite self care rituals I’ve loved during pregnancy! These are all safe and comfortable for me but speak to your health care practitioners if you are unsure.


It is not uncommon to see fluctuations in your skin while pregnant. With the increase of blood volume and hormones circulating can leave your skin feeling puffy, broken out or full of dark pigmentation called melasma (or pregnancy mask).

Keeping your skincare routine safe but effective is important for those who are struggling with lots of fluctuations. I recommend keeping things simple and avoiding unnecessary ingredients like fragrance and preservatives.

I love using my Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum, specially formulated with lots of vitamin C rich, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Frankincense to help protect against pigmentation and dryness.

With the increase in hormones skin is naturally more prone to sun damage so I always make sure to wear sunscreen throughout the day. I love using a natural, mineral sunscreen like Consonants’ Perfect Sunscreen. It works well for my skin type and doesn’t irritate my skin.

One thing I miss while being in lock down during pregnancy is getting facials, our Custom Organic Facials are safe during pregnancy and offer custom treatments and support to help alleviate symptoms and find balance. If you have the opportunity to get a facial during pregnancy, I highly recommend it!


Daily massage has been so helpful to keep my skin supple and hydrated during pregnancy. Often times as the skin expands and stretches to accommodate, it can lead to tightness and itchiness in the belly area. Self massage is incredible for relieving itchy skin and also helping to improve swelling and muscle tension by stimulating lymph and blood flow. Practice daily at home by yourself or with a partner or seek out the help of a registered massage therapist who specializes in pregnancy and prenatal care.

I love using our Radiant Bath and Body Oil after a shower to soothe and hydrate my skin.


Acupuncture is such a great way to help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness. Keeping regular acupuncture has helped me maintain my stamina during my entire pregnancy. During the final few weeks of pregnancy acupuncture can help prepare baby and body for delivery. There is nothing better than a relaxing acu-nap (if you know, you know!) with some beautiful aromatherapy.


Staying hydrated is ALWAYS important but especially during pregnancy. Staying hydrated can help to relieve common pregnancy symptoms like constipation, cramping legs and braxton hicks contractions. It’s important to get lots of fluids in to accommodate your extra blood volume and nutrient stores! That doesn’t mean things have to be boring. Try adding fresh fruit like berries, citrus or cucumber to your water to add some flavour. Opt for fresh pressed juices or sparkling water and why not add nutritive teas like raspberry leaf and nettle into your rotation. These all help provide essential hydration, extra nutrients and a bit of fun into your daily routine.


Journaling has been a great way to unwind and keep track of your pregnancy. It can seem hard to believe but those nine months fly by and it’s nice to have a record of all of those emotions that came during your journey to parenthood.

I like to take five minutes at the end of each day just to touch base and reconnect with myself and my changing body by jotting down a few notes from the day. This helps to ground me and also celebrate this incredible journey before I go off to bed.

Here are some prompts I like to use to keep me motivated:

  • Being pregnant has inspired me to _____.
  • I’ve been having cravings for ____.
  • I never knew this about pregnancy, ___.
  • Today I feel grateful because _________ .

This blog post was provided by Fran Allen, Holistic Nutritionist + Skin Therapist. Connect with Fran @hello.fran.allen.

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