Today is the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, which marks the midway point between summer and winter. The equinoxes (one in spring, one in autumn) are balance points that represent a transition between two states. Summer is full of the symbolism of abundance, blossoming, warmth, and light. Winter brings us the symbolism of quiet, darkness, stillness and hibernation. So the equinox today is like a liminal space, where we are neither here nor there. There is as much light in the day as there is darkness. 

These liminal spaces in our year give us the opportunity to evaluate where we are coming from and where we are going. What came to light for you this summer? What were you full of? Did you wake up to anything, or see something new culminate? Your answers may not always be positive or joyful, perhaps something challenging grew to fullness for you.

Now, as we move towards the quiet, internal space of winter, we have a chance to pause and discern whether there is anything we want to take with us. Many animals will bring sources of nourishment into their hibernation, and we can do the same. Perhaps there’s something from the last few months that you want to carry in your heart into darker, more inward-oriented times, or perhaps there’s something from the last few months that you want to leave on the threshold and not move forward with. You will know what you need. 

Equinox tip: take something with you into the next season, and leave something else behind. 

This post is provided by Aerin Fogel, Astrologer + Tarot Reader.