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Earth Day Message from Julie + Natalie

happy earth day


Happy Earth Day!

Today we have the opportunity to pause, reflect, celebrate and show gratitude towards our earth, which holds space for all living things. You may ride your bike, plant something, spend time outside, watch a documentary, rethink your food scraps or donate to an organization committed to our planet. Whatever you do, let it make you feel connected and at home.

The Earth gives us so much. It is our responsibility to conserve + cherish it. As a company we try to do our best to practice sustainability and one of our recent successes has been the launch of compostable packaging for some of our products. Our Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask, Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask, and Sculpting + Toning Facial Cups come in sustainable compostable packaging. These pouches are made from renewable, non-GMO, & bio-based materials, which can be tossed into your backyard compost!

We also offer a Recycling Program! This is an effort to further reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic waste. We’ve been partners with a program called Pact Collective for repurposing + recycling packaging that isn't currently accepted in the municipal program and might otherwise end up in landfills or waterways. 

We have always recycled our bottles with the City of Toronto but until this point, we have not been able to recycle droppers, sprayers, or pumps. With Terracycle, we are able to continue to recycle glass and plastic packaging as well as materials like our pumps and droppers, mist sprayers, tins, lip balm tubes, and other hard-to-recycle packaging. Our recycling incentive program is available to local customers: if you bring in 5 used PA bottles, you receive a free lip balm!

Give back with us

This year, we will be doating 1% of our Earth Day sales (from April 22nd and 23rd) to Bee City Canada, an organization whose mission is to inspire cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses and other organizations to take action to protect the pollinators.

Bee City Canada accomplishes through offering programs which recognize communities and organizations that are taking steps or are committed to future initiatives to help pollinators. Learn more about them here.

We’re excited to be able to make a difference in this small way and hope to do more in the future with your support.


- Julie + Natalie



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